What we look for

We are expanding carefully, and the opportunities for you to develop your own business are unlimited. If you are an experienced travel professional, committed to providing your customers with the best possible levels of service and would like to develop your career in travel working from home or remote office location, you can exceed your aspirations with us at ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP.

  • You will want to be part of a family of like-minded travel professionals sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of your clients and making friendships in New Zealand and overseas

  • You must be committed to delivering the highest level of personal service to your clients and possess a desire to be the best in the industry

  • You will realise and appreciate the benefits of being able to focus on selling, while we provide a user-friendly file-management environment with a great backup accounts team

  • You should want to further your skills through the professional development and training programme provided by us free of charge and tailored to your needs

  • You must be experienced in selling and arranging either leisure and/or corporate travel

  • You must be willing to work with appropriate levels of professionalism for your clients’ benefit and to maintain the credibility and reputation of your own business and that of ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP.

We have a dynamic team of Travel Brokers located throughout the country offering a wide range of expertise and knowledge.