Some great reasons to join ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP

  1. You can continue to use the business name that your customers are familiar with
  2. There are no productivity tiers to reach the highest commissions
  3. You are an independent travel agent but you have the backup of a multi-million dollar business behind you
  4. You can attend ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP and Global Travel Network (GTN) networking featuring hands-on training, in-depth up-skilling workshops and networking opportunities
  5. ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP doesn’t demand a long-term commitment. The most important long-term commitment is to your clients. We believe our commitment to you will encourage an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship
  6. Under the ASPIRE TRAVEL GROUP plan, you keep 90% of the commission
  7. We offer a huge range of preferred airline and wholesale suppliers, both international and domestic, with some of the highest up-front commission rates.
  8. Secure – encrypted and cutting-edge technology ensures transactions and clients’ information stays private with secure backup facility.


We have a dynamic team of Travel Brokers located throughout the country offering a wide range of expertise and knowledge.